Since the official opening of The Saffa Limited in May 2015, our business has grown and changed according to our customers' needs and tastes and we continually strive to improve our products and services and develop our Brand in accordance with our company mission: To bring the best quality South African products to your doorstep in Hong Kong. We started off small, by producing and packaging our own Biltong, Droewors and Chilli bites here in Hong Kong, but after some time, and as popularity grew we endeavored to source our meat products from a butcher in South Africa with over 70 years' worth of experience in the Billtong making business. Their knowledge and experience clearly stands out in the taste, texture and premium quality of their meat products. The Saffa Limited name, logo and colour schemes trademark was registered 2 months after incorporation of our business (July 2015) and approved in January 2016 to ensure that our packaging, logo and website stays consistent with our developing Brand. The design of our logo on a black background is proudly displayed on all our marketing materials in order for our clients to recognize our products and connect it with the quality that we aim to supply to our Hong Kong audience. Our business and brand name has also become a popular house hold name among expats and the South African community by calling your fellow South African a 'SAFFA'! In 2015, our Biltong. Droewors and Chilli bites were packaged in sealed vacuum bags and inserted in our black box which follows our logo and company color schemes. Since sourcing our products directly from South Africa, we have endeavored to further improve the quality of our meat products by insisting on a FULLY PRESERVATIVE FREE PRODUCT! This means that you can not find any MSG, artificial coloring, sodium nitrate or harmful chemicals/ingredients in our Biltong as it is completely preservative free! Since we now sell a fresh product, you will also notice that our Biltong is not completely dry and still retains some moisture similar to that which you would find over the counter at a butcher's in South Africa. Our product is fresh and thus can not be stored for extended periods on the shelf but maintains its freshness when stored frozen. We tried to store this product in our original cardboard box packaging, but since the cardboard box would get wet in the freezer , this would cause it to warp and tear. We thus set out to develop new packaging for our new product that would aesthetically compliment its temperature sensitive needs! This simply led us to transfer our original design from the cardboard box to the stand up craft paper bag which we currently distribute our amazing Biltong products in. This in a nutshell is the evolution of our Biltong Brand. These products can be found in various shops & restaurants throughout Hong Kong and we aim to have our unique products easily available for everyone to try.


Howzit peeps!!! 

A few of us try to have a monthly braai/social gathering, which has been really fun and well attended by not only Saffas, but by anyone who is keen for a CHOP & N DOP and a lekker kuier. You can check out the FB page called                                 and add yourselves to the page. Most of the info and messages are made on that page. 

The Saffa is an online friendly retail shop, focused on providing the best high quality South African products to our customers. The Saffa was born from an idea, of not just making home where the heart is, but also physically being surrounded by the presence of nostalgia. Our aim is to provide what can be found in a typical South African shop, all the necessary products on one website.

Our product list will vary from day to day goods and snacks to dinner and special event treats. Looking for the perfect snack to go with your wine, beer or even perhaps your brandy? We will have that for you. We are here to accommodate and cater for South Africans and foreigners alike, who have a love and passion for high quality South African products