The Saffa Limited is Hong Kong's online solution to High Quality South African products. Since 2015 we have aggressively grown by expanding the Hong Kong market with premium South African produce in the F&B industry.  Our brand along with the brands that we represent has been a complementary match for the success of our business. South Africa has had trade ties with Hong Kong from the time when it was under British administration, and it did not recognize the People's Republic of China, instead recognizing the Republic of China and Taiwan. At the time, South Africa was under apartheid, but it encouraged trade and investment from Hong Kong as well as Japan. Currently the trade between Hong Kong and South Africa has since then exponentially increased, and South African products have increased in demand. We are part of this increase and have firmly established the reputation of our brands in Hong Kong. We have the largest selection of South African beer brands in Hong Kong and are the official importer & distributor of all the beverages that we stock in Asia. Please note that if our beverages are purchased via any other companies in Hong Kong that their trade relations is not done with us or the suppliers and have bypassed the correct channels in business. We have also made it our goal to distribute premium quality meat in Hong Kong and we source all our meat products from a well renowned butcher that distributes their meat to various sports clubs, high end restaurants, hotels and a broad range of other establishments in the F&B industry throughout South Africa. 

The Saffa is an online friendly retail shop, focused on providing the best high quality South African products to our customers. The Saffa was born from an idea, of not just making home where the heart is, but also physically being surrounded by the presence of nostalgia. Our aim is to provide what can be found in a typical South African shop, all the necessary products on one website.

Our product list will vary from day to day goods and snacks to dinner and special event treats. Looking for the perfect snack to go with your wine, beer or even perhaps your brandy? We will have that for you. We are here to accommodate and cater for South Africans and foreigners alike, who have a love and passion for high quality South African products