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Our product list will vary from day to day goods and snacks to dinner and special event treats. Looking for the perfect snack to go with your wine, beer or even perhaps your brandy? We will have that for you. We are here to accommodate and cater for South Africans and foreigners alike, who have a love and passion for high quality South African products


Biltong & Wine pairing

The salinity of Biltong enhances many drinks at snack time and combines perfectly with:

  • Cold refreshing low-fermented beers. 

  • Cold refreshing highly-fermented beers.

  • Fino or Amontillado style Sherry. 

  • Cava/Champagne Brut or BrutNature.

  • Vermouth and cocktails containing a bitter component where the biltong will provide a contrast to the combination of the sweet and bitter of this appetizer.

Biltong can be used as an ingredient for adding an extra aroma and flavor to any dish. Its protein content and herbs create good synergies with the following beverages:

  • White wines of aniseed aroma such as Xarello, SauvignonBlanc, Godello, Albariño and Riesling. 

  • Very soft red wines that have had a light oak aging especially Grenache, PinotNoir, Tempranillo and Syrah.

Biltong is also a great option to be eaten just as a snack between meals and combined ideally with:

  • Long drinks containing a bitter element like Gin & Tonic or Whisky & Ginger Ale or Brandy & Coke. 

  • Flavored drinks like Pacharan or some slightly sweet but highly aromatized sangrias.

Saffa Biltong is a product of salty trend, with hints of Mediterranean grass and a smooth texture that makes it an ideal companion for many different drinks. Most snacks that are on the market have fried components, a sweet taste or the flavors have been made with artificial ingredients, thus limiting authentic flavors to create good synergies with drinks. This is not the case with our Biltong, that provides a very important “wine-friendly” factor. Our Biltong is also very versatile, its uses range from appetizers, a flavoring ingredient in a dish to mid-afternoon snacks.

Saffa Biltong is a product that perfectly combines and enhances the pleasurable experience of many different drinks and its certainly the best wine-friendly snack.